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Facts About the Epros®DrainLCR-B Pipe Repair Method

Leaky pipes can quickly lead to serious structural and environmental damage. When your clients reach out about leak detection and pipe rehabilitation, the Epros Drain LCR-B pipe repair method produced by Trelleborg Pipe Seals and available through us at PrimeLine Products offers a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Find out how this trenchless equipment makes quick work of repairing a leaky pipe.

Versatile Applications

Any pipe can spring a leak. Moreover, any part of any pipe may leak, and they often happen in inconvenient places. This system offers lateral repairs measuring up to 1,300 mm. The Epros Drain LCR-B trenchless equipment for sale allows you to efficiently repair a leaky pipe in a wall, underground, or in any other hard-to-reach area. Use it on pipes with 45- to 90-degree bends, unusual angles, or variable diameters.

Practical to Use

Standard methods of pipe repair take a long time. With this system, you don’t have to remove drywall or sub-flooring. For outdoor leaks, no extensive excavation is required. These pipe lining systems fit into a small vehicle and easily insert into a single access point, such as a main clean-out drain, manhole, sump pit, or sewer.

Safe and Effective

Because the system uses compressed air to invert the liner, there’s no VOC off-gassing, static, or other such hazards. The Epros Drain LCR-B is quick, and you’ll have full service restored to your customers in no time. The steam curing process reduces project completion timelines by 50% compared to standard methods.

The Epros Drain LCR-B pipe repair method fixes leaky pipes in residential and commercial properties. The adaptability of this system and the durability of the epoxy pipe lining products make this method an optimal solution for various pipe problems. For more information about the Epros Drain LCR-B system, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products today!

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